The Book of Genesis

Serpent’s Version

Chapter 2.5

That night, I sat in Satan’s abode, drinking from the cup of evil and playing poker. "So what do you think of this ‘God’ guy", I ventured. The silence punctuated by horrible screams of anguish in the background seemed in conveyance of the dark one’s general mood to the topic. "He makes my life a living ----", conveyed Satan. "Look I just don’t understand, what’s up with this guy? I said, hoping he wouldn’t notice my extra card, "first you have a minor squabble, with him and he boots you out of heaven and condemns you here, and then he creates this "world" thing and puts a couple of naked animals on it to run around praising him-". "Shut up and just play the game, I know what you’re doing!" A wisp of smoke drifted from Satan’s nostril and the flames of Hades gleamed menacingly off his horns. I dropped my card and complied. "Ha! 5 aces again! You owe me a ‘favor’, gloated the dark lord.

I knew it had been a mistake to trust Satan to a game of poker, but he had lured me by offering me a chance to change my station in life. As the evil one’s henchman, I had to obey him and I knew deep down that I should not deal with the devil but it was to tempting. I knew that if I lost he was bound to leave me in the middle of a firefight between him and the creator. I couldn’t exactly disobey him either. Both way I was in a conundrum and there was nothing to do but obey him. I listened carefully to his plan and ascended from the underworld to fulfill my destiny with the devil.

Chapter 3

The mists of paradise rose around me and the sweet smells of the tree of life drifted amongst the gardens. A flood of golden luster illuminated the gardens as if to testify to the glory of God. I was instantly repulsed and full of venomous hatred towards the being that created this garden for the express purpose of serving as a token of his power. I could hear the laughter of the two God servants in the gardens. These strange creatures were perhaps the easiest of God’s creations to manipulate. They had something no other animal being had: sentience. Satan had bragged long ago of his plan to upset God’s balance of power, by manipulating these creatures to his side. He recognized my insight into these creatures. Humans are gullible and weak when isolated by themselves. I realized that in order to trick one of them I would have to prey on their weak sense of judgment, knowledge, and lack of individuality. So I slithered into the tree of knowledge of good and evil and prepared for my ambush. It was not long before my slitted eyes found my quarry. The woman creature was wandering the gardens by herself and I coiled up and sprung from the tree to her side. She was momentarily startled, but since she knew not of evil, she was not afraid.

She smiled in bliss and gave her greetings. This would be easy. "Hello human, I am one of God’s servants and I have come to offer my greetings to you." She asked what I was doing. "Oh, I suppose I was looking for something to eat in the garden. All of the fruit in the garden looks so good and I can’t quite decide which to choose. Will you help me choose a fruit?" Eve replied, "How about this fruit?" I responded, "Yes it looks good but I need something…unique." Do you know of any exotic or mysterious fruit?" Eve thought for a second and hesitated. "Well there is the fruit of everlasting life, and the forbidden fruit of good and evil."

I smiled inwardly and approached the two exotic trees in the middle of the gardens. "Well", I said, "these two trees seem to bear tantalizing and exotic fruit, but this fruit seems to contain an element different than any other," I indicated the forbidden fruit. Eve responded, "but that is the fruit forbidden by God! It is the fruit of good and evil, we can eat any other fruit in the garden but that." I gave her my most innocent and charming smile. "Surely it is quite safe to eat this fruit, it looks more tantalizing and tempting than any fruit in the garden. What harm could come from eating it? Would your Lord God harm you if you took just a small bite? He would not become upset over such a petty detail." Eve grew suspicious and her eyes began to radiate distrust. Quickly I setup another strategy. "Look my fellow earth creature," I said, "why do you suppose your Lord has forbidden you to taste this fruit? Could it be that he does not want you to taste of it and know as much as him? He as offered you the fruit of everlasting life but why would you want it? Surely this fruit would give you much more. You would see through the eyes of God and know good from evil. Wouldn’t you like to know as much as God? I think you would, as I. The fruit even gleams with a mysterious appeal, it is a much more powerful and wonderful substitute than any other, including the fruit of life." Eve regarded the mysterious fruit, which seemed to simultaneously gleam of the fires of hell and the abyss of evil. I saw Eve’s confidence faltering and I knew that my will was more than hers. I could force my will on her, and without support she would crumble. Then together we could turn Adam even easier. Eve reached up to the fruit and plucked it. "Got you!" I thought to myself. Then out loud, "come Eve, I am sure that if Adam were here he would agree with me. Why, I bet he has already ate of it and is hoarding the knowledge of good and evil to himself!" With that Eve set on to eating the fruit and the bittersweet fires of evil danced on her tongue. She devoured the fruit and finally knew evil.

Presently, Adam came upon Eve. "Eve what are you doing by the forbidden tree?" Fearful of her sin and what God would do to her, Eve said, "Adam try this wonderful fruit! It has filled my eyes with knowledge and my soul with understanding. Trust me, and eat of this fruit!" Eve could not stand to face the Lord alone and felt that if both of them erred the Lord would grant mercy on them. I appeared and added my own smooth cajolery. Together we convinced Adam even faster than Eve had fell prey to me. I understood how human’s ideals were weakened by advice from a loved one, and how a human easily conformed to the majority. Adam ate of the fruit and his eyes changed, as his soul was charred with sin. He recognized his nakedness and fashioned clothes of palm leaves as Eve had done (In his innocence he had not noticed her clothes before).

Suddenly the ground reared like a bucking stallion and the sky filled with apocalyptic premonition. The winds screamed in fury and the creator called from the skies. All around me the garden was darkening and I knew it was time to split. I dived for the gates of Hades but I could not pass. I trembled in fear as I realized the power of the Supreme Being. "Adam, Eve," called the deep voice of the Lord. His voice seemed to sing in rich glory, so different from the agonizing screech of my master. "Were art thou?" The humans trembled in fear as they felt regret, terror and shame for the first time in their lives. The two trembled amongst the foliage and shivered at the whipping gale. The Lord God arrived and looked at his subjects. His breath spread warmth on his cold subjects and they regained some composure. I dared not to look at him, for he was composed of all that I was not. The Lord asked for an explanation of their clothes and their lack of response. I was paralyzed in fear and hardly noticed their responses and the trembling of the land as God become angry. I called for help from the dark lord but no help was forth coming. I noticed the agony of the humans as God passed judgment on them. Then his full wrath came as he directed it at me. "What hast thou done?" he said. "You have misled my children and tempted them onto the devil’s path! What does thou say?" I stammered out a reply as my subtlety and deviousness melted before the Lord. Pathetically I said, "I thought that was the tree of everlasting life." God became furious at the lame excuse thrown before him. "Dost thou think of me that stupid and inferior! For your evil, thou art cursed above all cattle and every beast of the field; upon thy belly shalt thou go, and dust shall thou eat all the days of thy life. " Suddenly my body dissolved into that of a snake and I screamed in fear. I saw a premonition of how I would live and die, and how my race would suffer. I cried out in terror and my last coherent vision as a sentient being, was that of Satan laughing at my demise as I was cast into the wastelands.


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