Origin: Protestant Foundation
Prime Philosophy: Lutheranism
Founder: Martin Luther
Founding Date: Oct. 31, 1517
Church Structure: Comprised of bishops, pastors, and deaconesses who are ranked temporally. The Lutheran Church is comprised of 35 districts united in a Synod.
Mission: The church is called to proclaim the Word of Christ, administer the Sacraments and give itself to the world in deeds of service and love.

Religious Doctrines

God: Trinitarian Father, Son and Holy Spirit
Sacraments: Baptism, Communion
Salvation: Saved through Faith alone, Saved by Grace alone
Scriptures: 66 books, supernaturally inspired, Follows the premise of Sola Fide
Dogmatic Origins: Sola Scriptura, doctrines defined by the Book of Concord
Church: reformation of the church catholic, Lutheranism is considered the true religion but other Christians can be true believers

Theological Beliefs

Creation: Creation is described in the Genesis account; denies the possibility of evolution
Manís State: Fallen state due to original sin
Sin: covered up through justification. Once a person is declared righteous by Christís redemption, a person can still sin but should not. Sanctification of grace can help a person reach Christian perfection.
Grace: doctrine of Sola Gratia confesses that the grace of God moves the believer to repentance and justification. Grace is Godís undeserved mercy for us. Denies the concept of an immediate infusion of grace.
Redemption and Salvation: redemption is a free gift available to all
Justification: traditionally by faith alone, a new confession implies justification is imputed by faith working with works. Justification is an act, not a process that is a work of the Holy Spirit.
Repentance: a gift of grace borne from baptism


Baptism: Trinitarian baptism, accepts infant baptism and believes baptism to transmit grace.
Communion: believes in a limited Real Presence, denies that the host is the true body and blood under the guise of bread and wine (transubstantiation of the host and wine).


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