Seventh-day Adventists

Origin: One of 6 brances that stemmed from Adventism. Originated in the U.S.
Prime Philosophy: Lutheranism, Calvinism
Founder: William Miller is the founder of Adventism. Ellen G. White is the founder of Seventh-day Adventism.
Founding Date: 1831 for Adventism. Seventh-day Adventism broke away from Adventism in 1845.
Church Structure: congregationalism, doctrines set by a General Conference
Mission: The remnant of the church proper is called to announce the arrival of the judgement hour, proclaim salvation through Christ, herald the approach of his second advent.

Religious Doctrines

God: Trinitarian Father, Son and Holy Spirit
Sacraments: Baptism, Communion
Salvation: Saved by Faith alone, Assurance of Salvation
: 66 books, supernaturally inspired
Dogmatic Origins: Sola Scriptura,
Church: A community of believers who confess Jesus as Lord and Savior. The church is called to join together for worship, fellowship, instruction, service, proclamation of the gospel, and celebration of the Lordís Supper. The church is the body of Christ.

Theological Beliefs

Creation: Man was created according to the Genesis account.
Manís State: Fallen state due to original sin
Sin: believes humanity is involved in the Great Controversy between Christ and Satan regarding the character of God, his law, and his Sovereignty and originated in Satanís Fall and Manís Fall. Christ atones for sin and serves as a substitute for sin.
Redemption and Salvation: redemption is a free gift available to all
Justification: comes when a person is led by the Holy Spirit to sense a need for God, acknowledge oneís sinfulness, repent of transgressions and exercise faith in Jesus as Substitute and Example.
Repentance: a necessary part of justification


Baptism: symbolic ordinance that follows instruction in Scriptures and acceptance of their teachings.
Communion: symbolic expression of faith. Christ is present to meet and strengthen his people. Self-examination, repentance and confession proceed it.


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