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Christ presents the Keys of the kingdom to St. Peter


The Seven Great Threats to the Catholic Church in Modern America--Part 1

--In the first of an eight part editorial on Modernism, I attempt to convince the reader of the dangers of this new heresy and address its seven fold attack on Christianity.

A Prolife Homily guest columnist, Fr. Michael Miller

--Father Michael Miller delivered this outstanding homily on the eve of the 30th anniversary of Roe v. Wade.  In his homily, Father Miller addresses the threat of the culture of death and the obligations and responsiblities of all American Catholics.

Is Mass boring or is it Just me?

--Sometimes I hear complaints that mass is boring and repetitous. As someone who once felt that mass was "boring", I offer these suggestions to increase your enjoyment and appreciation of the beautiful Catholic liturgy.

Why do Catholics practice confession of sins to a priest?

--A Protestant Christian friend of mine wanted to know why Catholics confess sins to a priest rather than straight to God. He quoted 1 Tm 2:5 from the Bible to explain that Christ is the one true mediator between God and man. He therefore felt that the Church did not have the authority to require confession of sins to a mediator (a priest). Here my response to his question.

The Book of Genesis: Serpents Version

--I wrote this essay in my old high school English days. Our teacher asked us to rewrite Chapter 3 of the book of Genesis from another charater's viewpoint. Naturally, I chose the devil.

My Christian Awakening

--In a response to a Bible Study lesson e-mailed to me by a friend, I decided to share my testimony with my friends through an email. This essay is that testimony.