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Other great Catholic Websites

The Vatican
Every Catholic should visit the Holy Father's website at some point! And non-Catholics are especially welcome too.

Catholic Encyclopedia A tremendously informative site on all things Catholic

EWTN's Website Mother Angelica's satellite television network has an equally wonderful website. A definite must see.

St. John Home Page For all you Catholics out there, this is a GREAT site to get information on the Catholic faith. Everything from the explanation of the mass to the teachings of the Church.

Apologetics, apologetics everywhere!

No, Catholic apologetics is not apologizing for our beliefs! The word apologetics means to defend somthing you believe in.

Catholic Answers Live This is a wonderful website that explains and defends Catholic truths with simplicity and clarity. You must check out the live radio show broadcast over the internet! Karl Keating and James Akin are my apologetics heros.

The Nazareth Resource Library James Akin's very own apologetics website. Akin's brilliance and depth of knowledge will surely impress you.

Biblical Evidence for Catholicism I saved the best for last. This is the perhaps one of the very best Catholic websites on the internet. If you are looking for an answer to a question about the faith, this is the place to go.